Extremists on the right and left, as well as radical Islamists, despise each other, yet are united by an irrational hatred of Jews.

This hatred poses a concrete threat to all humanity, as bigotry never ends with one group.


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The stories of Alfred Dreyfus in France and Al Levy in the U.S., both Jewish soldiers who faced discrimination, became global symbols of injustice and helped bring about lasting change.


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80 years after the Holocaust, nearly half of Europe's young Jewish adults still face antisemitism.

Learn how the European Commission is fighting rising Jew-hatred with its first-ever comprehensive Strategy on Combating Antisemitism & Fostering Jewish Life-t.co/EZqva8FlNa t.co/ka4xlZ6NxE

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Due to the incredibly problematic connection between past fascist movements and present-day right-wing sympathizers, we stand with @WorldJewishCong in their efforts to prevent fascism from having a platform in Europe and worldwide.

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12 years ago today, the Islamist terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba carried out coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India.

One of the targets was the Nariman Chabad House, where gunmen took hostage and brutally murdered its two emissaries and four of their guests. t.co/tqpLskR1yd

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Chess players from Israel and Cuba participated in a tournament this past Sunday as part of the campaign, bringing together different nations and cultures through chess.

200 Israeli and Cuban players in total competed, congrats to all!


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One of the first synagogues in North America has celebrated Thanksgiving by reciting the Hallel prayer for the holiday.

Today, rabbis across the country sing the Hallel prayer on Thanksgiving.

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At the in October, participants pledged to combat antisemitism in their home countries.

@bnaibrithcanada has stressed the worrisome rise in antisemitism & @BnaiBrith has publicly emphasized its 4-step action plan to combat hate.


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Justus Rosenberg was the last surviving member of a French Resistance network that heroically helped hundreds of intellectuals flee the Nazis.

He passed away last month at the age of 100.

May his memory be a blessing and his bravery an inspiration.

-->t.co/ZTD310qsB9 t.co/dFJtPfwmIU

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The passage of a law in Massachusetts mandating Holocaust education in middle and high schools is an important step in the fight against hate, amid rising antisemitism in schools and a growing lack of Holocaust knowledge across the U.S.


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We are deeply concerned that the @SSI_Movement's Duke chapter was not recognized by the student government.

We ask @DukeU to seriously consider adopting @TheIHRA working definition of antisemitism to provide a diverse, welcoming campus for all students.


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Congratulations to @ChelseaFC on receiving the European Jewish Association's King David Award for its contributions to the fight against antisemitism!

Chelsea’s “Say No To Antisemitism" campaign sets an example for sports clubs across the globe.
-->>t.co/MnmPyTEZMQ t.co/tIsk7unjiU

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Happy to all those celebrating!

We wish you and your family a joyful and bountiful holiday.

What are you thankful for this year? t.co/RBz4ijN0sn

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Have you ever had the chance to learn about the lived experiences of Arab Israelis in their communities?

Join @Israel_Alma_org on Monday to hear from Ibrahim Abu Ahmad and Nadia Mahmoud Giol speak about their personal lives growing up in the Galilee-->>t.co/GfuNbnRtCn t.co/gTuUO1gTdX

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Yesterday, we were pleased to meet with Ms. Petra Mårselius and Mr. Andrés Zanzi ahead of Sweden's assumption of the @IHRA Presidency next year. We look forward to working with the Swedish government to build on the and support IHRA's important mission. t.co/ZX5oCrFjWf

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"Jewish students are exhausted from being held accountable for responding to antisemitism on campus, and are tired of the willful ignorance of their academic institutions."

Read @GWtweets student Emily Linder's reflection on Jew-hatred at U.S. colleges.


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In 2020, 55% of all religiously-motivated hate crimes in the U.S. targeted Jews.

To fight the trend of rising antisemitism, we are proud to join the campaign this Hanukkah, heralding the message that light can dispel darkness.


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Congratulations to former Frankfurt Mayor and CAM Advisory Board Member Uwe Becker (@itsuwe) on the approval of your appointment as State Secretary for Federal and European Affairs of the State Government of Hesse.

We wish you much success in this new role! t.co/1mxvu5JmVM

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The @HolocaustMuseum's “Americans and the Holocaust” traveling exhibit looks at how everyday Americans responded to the rise of Nazism in the 1930s and the Holocaust itself.

It is being hosted at 50 selected libraries across the U.S.


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We are glad to see the organizers of the August 2017 far-right rally in , Virginia, which featured vile displays of and racism, are being held accountable.

This is an important legal milestone in the fight against hatred. -->>t.co/Yh7Dhlerp3 t.co/dIkX6jAVbL

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