“Jewish people made the mess, they’re the problem” - startling footage from a @lufthansa employee explaining why every Jew was removed from a flight over the mess of one person.

Original Tweet:

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Holding all people responsible for the actions of a few is the very definition of racism and hate.

For Lufthansa to hold all Jews responsible for the actions of a single person and thus remove all Jews from a flight is absolutely terrifying.


More information on the incident:

No statement by Lufthansa, even though this incident was apparently last week.

An apology would ring hollow to me at this point, after so long, unless it was followed up with specific action such as terminating the pilot who made this "policy" and everyone who carried it out, including the woman in the video.


More info on this incident.

They called people with Jewish-sounding names!

This incident needs to be not only investigated by Lufthansa but also by the legal authorities for possible violations of the law as it relates to racism.

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